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Welcome to Desperate Amateurs®. Most of our girls are new to the porn industry and all but a few have never before been seen on video. It is truly their first time on camera. Some are experienced while others need a little instruction, but they are all nervous and apprehensive. The girls are instructed to be themselves. There is no acting allowed so you see their true emotions.

Though this site started out as just a blow job site, we have recently started shooting full sex scenes. All exclusive videos have previews posted. If the videos have full sex scenes it will be shown in the video preview. Please note that we do not hire our girls for their looks or physical attributes. We hire them based on their financial need. Therefore, we are not concerned with their breast size, body shape, or any other attribute. They come in all nationalities, legal ages, shapes and sizes as evidenced in the previews.

Our full sex scenes range from 40-60 minutes. There is no fluff or filler footage in these scenes, just pure sex. All fluff and filler footage is place in cutting room and behind the scenes footage. Videos may be downloaded in full movie versions or the very long scenes may also be downloaded in individual clips for faster downloads. This is a very unusual site. The girls are treated very well and are all considered beautiful and are treated as such.

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