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Jack Olivor's Profile

Jack Olivor is expert travel consultant in working since last 4 years. He is interested in writing and sharing travel related information based on his personal experiences and industry updates. Find more information about him by following his blog:

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Articles By Jack Olivor

Grab Flights to Bangkok, An Oasis of Fun
Travel:Air-Travel - 221 views
Bangkok's imposing skyline, pulsating nightlife, vibrant culture, lip-smacking Thai food and irresistible shopping scene are second to none. The melanges of all the fun ingredients make Bangkok holidays an over-the-top experience.

Mesmerizing Lures to Catch Flights to Sydney
Travel:Air-Travel - 461 views
Referred by many as the world's largest island, Australia is a dream holiday destination that embraces extraordinary glory and radiant splendour. Punctuated with marvellous landscapes, bounded with vast beaches and home to cosmopolitan cities – the land of Australia oozes splendour from every corner.

Top 5 Things To Do In Bangkok
Travel:Air-Travel - 129 views
Thailand's capital city, Bangkok is one of the most celebrated holiday destinations that present a fusion of luminous skyscrapers and antique oriental shrines. The huge collection of attractions in the city make travelers crave for flights to Bangkok.

Things and Sights Not to be Missed on Phuket Holidays
Travel:Air-Travel - 150 views
Beguiling travellers from different corners of the world, Phuket attractions are too many and too varied. A visit to the Old Phuket Town can be as entertaining as a bout of Thai Boxing. No wonder, heaps of people book flights to Phuket.

Grab Flights to New York City & Explore Iconic Attractions
Travel:Air-Travel - 172 views
New York City is a hugely popular city that is inundated with world class attractions. Attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square have made sure that cheap flight tickets to New York remain as elusive as ever.

Hurghada International Airport: Important Information for Travellers
Travel:Air-Travel - 146 views
The Hurghada International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt. The international airport is served by several airlines and handles approximately 7 million travellers annually. Gather more of such Hurghada International Airport information!

Visa Tips for Booking Flights from UK to Thailand
Travel:Air-Travel - 140 views
Before booking one’s cheap flights to Thailand as well as other overseas destinations, it is imperative to have a sound knowledge of visa policies. Skim through this article for some quick facts on basic visa related rules and regulations.

Useful Information for Britons Taking Flights to New Zealand
Travel:Air-Travel - 174 views
New Zealand is a popular holiday destination and information related to the country’s visa, passport and other travel related aspects is important to know for visitors planning to grab their flights to New Zealand.

Irresistible Cape Town Beaches An Introduction
Travel:Air-Travel - 199 views
Tediously narrowing down upon cheap flights to South Africa has its share of generous rewards. For instance, Cape Town, a hot destination South African destination, is just packed with scores of enchanting beaches. Read on for some beach fun.

Yoga Benefits – A Logical Reason for Catching Flights to India
Travel:Air-Travel - 180 views
Enrolling at some yoga school is amongst one of the most desirable holiday activities that prompt many travellers to book flights to India. Read on for some information on popular Yoga schools in popular holiday destinations in India.

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